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it's time to check that giant "to-do" off your list

You already know you serve your clients and customers well (ok, really well) - and it’s time everyone on the internet knows it, too. Imagine a website that’s strategically written to connect you with your dream clients, position your business as an industry expert, and continue to drive sales. Now imagine you don’t need to stress out over exactly what to write, because I’ve got you covered.


-The orchard venue

I was super impressed at how quickly Emily delivered the first draft of my project. She was very easy to work with and welcomed feedback. I was so amazed at her ability to streamline my vision and effortlessly make sense of my disorganized thoughts. I'm in love with my website and see continuous bookings month after month! I feel like I can finally relax knowing when potential customers visit my website they're getting the 5 star experience they would if I was talking to them directly.

I was VERY impressed with Emily's work 

to always feel confident describing your business

you can take a week vacay & come back to finished copy

to make sure you're in love with every word

4 core pages every website should have (home, about, services, contact)

to nail down your messaging, positioning, brand voice, & offers

+ free one-liner

1 week delivery

2 rounds of feedback

4 Pages of custom copy

2 Hour kick-off call


what's included

+ design recommendations


great copy needs great design - I have plenty of tips and recommendations

I'll write, re-write, & edit to deliver your first draft (shared in Google Docs for easy collaboration)

We'll talk through your copy brief in detail to really understand your goals

We'll get connected, answer any questions, & look at availability

Writing & Revisions

Kick-Off Call

Let's Meet


the process

have a strategic website that's always working for you

feel confident talking about your your offer & how you help people

stop cringing when you think about your website

start connecting with your dream clients

and watch your business grow

are you ready to

*prices are shown before tax

& the deliverables for $2700

Payment options

one payment of $2700

two payments of $1350

2 hour kick-off call

4 pages of custom copy

2 round of feedback

1 week delivery

+ free one-liner

+ free design recommendations

ready to take it to the next level?

the add-on menu

Addititonal web page copy

Sales page

Lead generation downloads

Email series

Template Design

Branding Basics

We can chat about your goals over your morning coffee, your evening glass of wine, or even on your way to get groceries. Life is busy & I’m here to here to take one thing off your plate

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